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How far in advance of a published deadline do I need to submit my proposal to OSP?

To ensure the submission of proposals by prescribed deadline dates, campus units should normally allow at least three (3) working days for proposals and five (5) working days for proposals to be processed by OSP. Proposals of a more complicated nature (e.g., proposals to establish centers or proposals that require the review of terms and conditions prior to submission) should arrive at OSP with sufficient lead time to allow for a more thorough review.

If a proposal reaches OSP with insufficient time for review, OSP will inform the sponsor an abbreviated review was performed, conduct a post-submission review, and make the sponsor aware of any needed revisions. Note: some sponsors will reject a proposal that has not been fully reviewed by the sponsored program office. Proposals with serious deficiencies may be withdrawn.

What should I do if there is no hard sponsor deadline?

Please only indicate published, sponsor deadlines on the PIF and the PAIF (about). If a shorter turnaround time is required by the program officer or some other source, then indicate that in the comments section of the "Submit to OSP" form.

OSP's goal is to complete its review within three business days of receipt. Please note that the start date for proposals received after 12:00 PM will be the following business day.

What are the current rates applicable to proposal budget preparation?

Current F&A, fringe, and tuition remission rates are available in Government Costing's Rate Schedule. Additional information is available on the Proposal Information Sheet and the FY17-FY19 F&A Rate Agreement.

How do I determine if a cost is supported by a sponsor or if it is allowable or unallowable to a project?

The program guidelines are the best source of information for determining if the cost is supported by the sponsor.

The University of Illinois follows federal guidelines in accordance with Uniform Guidance (2 CFR §200 Subpart E – Cost Principles). Additional details about the university's implementation of these guidelines is available in the OBFS Business and Financial Policies and Procedures, Section 16: Grants and Research Contracts, Sponsored Cost Principles.

Who submits NIH Progress Reports and how do I let them know that it's ready to be submitted?

As of 2/6/17, the Grants & Contracts Office (GCO) will submit your NIH Progress Reports (RPPRs), Final Reports (Final-RPPRs), and Interim Reports (Interim-RPPRs). You may submit these requests through the Pre-Award Intake Form (PAIF) or directly via

NIH's Instruction Guide for these submissions is available here. Please ensure the report in Commons lists the information as stated below:

  1. Signing Official: Matthew Murphy
  2. Administrative Official: Linda Williams
  3. Reviewer: Matthew Murphy
  4. Performance/Project Site: 506 S. Wright (single value only)


Payment Remittance

Option A - By check

All payments remitted by check should be made payable to the “University of Illinois” and mailed to:

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Grants and Contracts
28392 Network Place
Chicago, IL 60673-1283

Option B - By ACH (Automated Clearing House) - Domestic wire

Financial Institution: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

Address: 10 South Dearborn
Chicago, IL 60603-2300

Routing Number: 071000013

Account Title: The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois EDI Receipts and Federal Depository
Account Number: 616002911
Account Type: Checking

Option c - By ACH (Automated Clearing House) - international wire

Financial Institution: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

Address: 4 New York Plaza, Fl 15
New York, NY 10004

Routing Number: 021000021

Account Title: The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois EDI Receipts and Federal Depository
Account Number: 616002911
Account Type: Checking

Swift Code: CHASUS33XXX

Fedwire Coordinator’s Name:          Ms. Lynne Wooden

Fedwire Coordinator’s Phone No:    217-527-3867

Fedwire Coordinator’s Fax No:         217-522-7482

What if an agreement is sent directly to me or my department?

Do not sign any agreement or deposit any dollars until an OSP Negotiator has had an opportunity to review. Only those with delegated signature authority are authorized to sign agreements. OSP Negotiators are familiar with University policies and regulations and are experienced in negotiating fair and reasonable terms. If you receive a check for a sponsored program and/or an agreement, deliver it to the OSP office at 1901 S. First Street, Suite A, MC-685. Electronic transmission of an agreement may be forwarded to OSP through the PAIF.

What happens when an agreement is fully executed?

An agreement is fully executed when all parties have signed the necessary agreement documents. When the agreement is fully executed, OSP's Specialist team sends a copy of the agreement electronically to the lead principal investigator and business contact. Our Specialists will then complete OSP's processing of the award by indicating the final signature date in UIeRA and sending the entire file to the Grants and Contracts Office. GCO is responsible for the financial management of the award, which includes activities such as creating a Banner grant code and fund number, invoicing, and processing payments.

If it is an agreement with no dollars forthcoming (e.g. non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements, initial master agreements, etc.), proper signatures are obtained and originals are kept on file in OSP.

What is the difference between OSP and GCO?

OSP Responsibilities

GCO Responsibilities

Review and submit proposals
Negotiate and execute award documents

Issue and negotiate outgoing subawards

All award management once award documents have been signed

Why does an agreement require department head approval?

The agreement contains terms or conditions that we would not normally accept, but the sponsor will not negotiate and accepting the terms poses a certain risk. This is specific to the sections including, but not limited to: indemnification, liability, warranty, governing law and jurisdiction, payment in foreign currency.

Who can help with a consulting agreement?

A consultant is considered a vendor, therefore consultant agreements are processed and reviewed by OBFS-Purchasing.


At the proposal stage, what information is required to request a new Subaward?

If not previously submitted at the proposal stage, what information must be submitted to OSP to request a new Subaward?

Where is the status of a Subaward or Amendment located?

Visit the myResearch Portal and search using any information you have available (legacy UIeRA number, Award Number, Grant Code, Proposal Number, etc.).

Who can answer invoicing and financial questions regarding Subawards?

Please contact the Grants and Contracts Office..